Payment technologies as easy as ABC!

PayTek Ltd. is a company for production, distribution and maintenance of currency handling equipment.

Experience in software development for payment equipment, allows us to offer our clients a full range of services beginning from system design to system development and software / hardware support.

We can develop software which will provide connection to virtually any bill validators. We have experience in development under closed and open protocols and other communication protocols of well known manufacturers (ccNET, EBDS). If necessary, we are ready to support any other banking, gaming or other protocols (for dispensers, bill acceptors, coin ...) in your solution.

We able to offer fine-tuning of your system(for example, when the system is developed by some external, third party developer or company and now you need some improvements in it) or help you with finding issues with your payment equipment and your systems. By other words we can help you to analyze existing software or code, test it and improve the sources if needed.

Also we offer consultations in the development of system integration projects and software development for embedded or any special-purpose equipment. If you need embedded system which will able to accept cash, please let us know, we have experience in this area.

You can utilize our good experience in servicing currency handling equipment - our know-how will help you to keep your gaming, vending or parking machines working with the cash in it's best performance.

We offer testing and QA of currency handling equipment systems (payment terminals and other customer specific systems), able to help you with bill validator integration - beginning from proper model selection to system engineering and protocol software development.

If your staff needs support for payment equipment or it's maintenance we'll be more than happy to help, assist or outsource tasks you have.

Looking for a solution, but afraid to order - please ask us for references.

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